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Co-opoly: United Kingdom Edition

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  • Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives
  • Players move around the board together in Co-opoly; you play as a team, so everyone wins or everyone loses.
  • In Co-opoly, players run a democratic business, overcome real-life challenges together, play as a group, and have a lot of laughs along the way.
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Note: There is no difference between the UK and regular version of the game. The UK Edition is just distributed by a cooperative located in the UK, which saves you money on shipping and customs and gets the game to you faster.

About Co-opoly

In Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives, players collaborate to found and run a democratic business. In order to survive as individuals and to strive for the success of their co-op, players make tough choices regarding big and small challenges while putting their teamwork abilities to the test.

This is an exciting game of skill and solidarity, where everyone wins – or everybody loses. Will the Point Bank continue to dominate the players’ lives, or will they break free and take control by jump-starting the movement for a truly democratic and cooperative economy in their community?

By playing Co-opoly, players discover the unique benefits, challenges, and operations of the cooperative world – as well as the skills needed to participate in a co-op!

Co-opoly is the world's first and only board game that is sustainably and ethically produced in the spirit of Fair Trade.

Co-opoly is for teens and adults. Read more about how Co-opoly is played.

Testimonials for Co-opoly

Donna Balkan, Communications Manager, Canadian Co-operative Association:

"As both a co-operator and a long-time player and collector of board games, Co-opoly is a dream come true. Educational games have a tendency to be long on learning and short on playability, but Co-opoly is a wonderful exception, combining the real-life challenges and opportunities co-ops face with solid game play. The Work cards, which require you to draw, act out a charade or describe a specific word or phrase, give Co-opoly a party game feel, while the roll-and-move mechanics make the game easy for players at all skill levels to learn. Like co-ops themselves, Co-opoly combines principle and practice: an appropriate initiative for the International Year of Co-operatives and beyond."

San Francisco Mime Troupe Collective Workshop Participants:

“Usually there can only be one winner of a board game, so everyone is out for themselves. In Co-opoly everything must be done together, for each other.... Co-opoly is an informative and engaging game that challenges players to work together to accomplish community goals.”

Teenage Participants of the Girls Eye View program:

“The game made me think about how personal situations affect income and how quickly things change from day to day.... I thought that working together made the game more fun than competing.... I liked how we all have different and equal voices.... It made me think about how everyone’s situation is different and we all don’t need the same amount of money but need the same amount of respect.

Becca Koganer, Worker-Owner, Equal Exchange:

Playing Co-opoly was fun and slightly ironic. The challenges co-ops face are pretty clearly felt going through the game, but even when things weren’t looking too bright for us, we were always laughing and having a good time. I think this gets at the heart of what co-ops are: people! People working together for a common goal, sharing risk and return. The game spoke to me on a personal and professional level...

Alex Liotta, an engineering student:

[Co-opoly is the] most fun I've had playing a board game in a very long time... Why aren't more board games cooperative?

Cynthia Lin, WORT Madison Community Radio Host, Madison, WI:

Co-opoly is an innovative and valuable learning tool. During our test-drive session, the game surfaced some nuanced and very real questions about how to practice the art of cooperative work... As the game threw challenges, opportunities, and tough choices at us, we drew from our own experiences to navigate the collective decisions that we needed to make. I was genuinely surprised by how substantive the conversations and the learning process could get with this game!

Graphic design for Co-opoly done by Molly McLeod. .