Building Strong Cooperatives: Co-op Developer Teaching Guide (Pairs great with Co-opoly)

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Are you helping people launch new cooperatives or improve existing one? Then the "Building Strong Cooperatives" teaching guide is for you! Whether you want to introduce people to cooperatives and cooperation for the first time, or you’re looking to engage people in more in-depth subject matters, you can use this teaching guide to create engaging and fun learning experiences.


This teaching guide is fully digital and will be delivered to you via e-mail. Parts of it are meant to be used alongside of Co-opoy: The Game of Cooperatives, though other parts can also be used independently of the game. This teaching guide has hours of bonus co-op education materials, including:

  • New, conversation-based workshops that help participants learn the fundamentals of cooperatives

  • Small, fun activities that are easy to use in formal and informal setting

  • Interactive and engaging worksheets that help participants dive into the subject matter even deeper

  • Four unique “storytelling” Co-opoly cards, not available anywhere else, and an accompanying activity specifically designed to engage people in subjects such as starting a co-op, conflict resolution, managing growth, and more

  • Workshop materials that address subjects such as cooperative principles, decision making, successful meetings, and more.

  • A digital copy of our What is a Co-op? booklet, which you can print out as many copies of as you need. (Or you can purchase already printed copies through us.)

  • A "Design Your Own Version of Co-opoly" tool

  • And more!   

This teaching guide is designed to be fun, interactive, and thought-provoking.