Collecting Ourselves: A Cooperative Entrepreneurship Curriculum

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"Collecting Ourselves: A Cooperative Entrepreneurship Curriculum" is a curriculum that walks participants through an examination of the philosophy and practice of cooperation, the meaning of "development" and "entrepreneurship" in their lives, the steps required in starting a cooperative business, and an exploration of two of the most important steps - organizing people into a Steering Committee, and creating a Business Plan. All activities use Popular Education methods, drawing directly on the expertise and insight of participants to guide the learning process.

Collecting Ourselves is comprised of 9 full workshops encompassing up to 16 hours of cooperative entrepreneurship training - the curriculum can serve as content for a semester class in university, be used in regular community study groups, or be fodder for a retreat-style academy. It was developed for youth (teens to 30s), but is modular and adaptable for most age groups (as well as for identities, experiences, etc).


  • Pages: 176
  • Author: Emily M Lippold Cheney
  • Published by: Northcountry Cooperative Foundation
  • Date: 2017