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Keep Cool: The Game of Global Climate Change

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  • The game comes with both German and English parts.
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Out of Stock

Keep Cool is currently out of stock! We're working to have it back in stock within a few months. Please e-mail us at contact AT toolboxfored.org if you'd like to be notified when the game returns. 

TESA has brought the classic board game about climate change back to the United States, the first time it's been available in the country for years!

Does global climate politics anger you? Do you want to make a difference? In Keep Cool, you’re a “global player.” You try to advance your own economic interests while having to face down strong lobby groups like the oil industry that disrupt your plans. At the same time, environmental activists will also be pushing you to work towards a stable global climate. Every player has to decide whether to collaborate in protecting the environment or do what’s best for themselves. Just know that if you let the environmental abuses spin out of control, you'll risk droughts, floods, and health pandemics. The winner is the first player to achieve their aim. But, if you’re not careful, the climate will collapse, and all players will lose.

Keep Cool is a board game for 3 - 6 players, comes with both German and English parts, and can be played by adults and children of 12 and above. Supervised sessions work well with younger children.