Own the Change Educational Kit #1: Intro to Worker Co-ops

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Keep the conversation going in your community and educate about worker cooperatives with the Own the Change educational materials. This first kit makes a great pair with a screening of Own the Change! We will be offering six resources over the course of 2015 and this is the first kit in the series.

The first set of materials contains the following. These will be delivered to you via email.

  • Own the Change Discussion Guide
    A how-to for hosting a discussion about Own the Change, complete with prompts and ideas to get you started.

  • What is a Co-op? Zine
    Our popular guide to cooperatives in an easy to understand format

  • Worker Co-op Walkaround Activity
    An engaging, participatory way to get a group thinking about what a worker cooperative could look like in your community

  • How to Interview A Cooperator
    Practical tips for finding worker-owners and questions to ask yourself about how to structure your organization

  • Co-op Readiness Activity
    Is your co-op idea ready for action? Evaluate using this rubric and find out!

  • Co-op Resource Mapping Activity
    Who can you turn to in your community to get started and stay successful? Map it out and find supporters using this group activity.