Rise Up Poster Series: 7 Posters to Inspire Action

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These seven beautiful posters will inspire you as well as your friends, colleagues, and family into action for a better world. They are based on the art for our game Rise Up: The Game of People & Power. These posters would look great hanging on the walls of your home, workplace, community spaces, and more. Here is the text for the seven posters:

  • Educate!
  • Agitate!
  • Organize!
  • Build Community!
  • Make Art!
  • Amplify!
  • Rise Up! 

These posters have a glossy, smooth finish; they are printed sustainably by a U.S. worker cooperative; and they are roughly 11 x 17 inches. The artwork for was done by Design Action Collective, and the graphic design was done by Molly McLeod